Negatif XV notes – part 1 : Earth

Year 3150

It was a dark room surrounded by silence and clothed faces. The Voldaks are responsible for each universes, from their births to their deaths and our universe was coming to a premature end.

A force larger than the biggest black hole has been swallowing our planets and making steady progress. The voldaks fearing that someone or something was playing with the fate of universes, ask us Negatif to rise once more from our slumber.

I, Negatif XV has been summoned to investigate the cause of this anomaly on the planet 52345 named Earth. My other brothers have been scattered across our universe to pursue the same duty.

As a Negatif we have the forbidden power to travel through space and times.

Our rules are simple on duty.

-Never interfere with the target and it surrounding.

-We are only witnesses nothing more, nothing less.

Those who broke the rules in the past have been purged and their existences erased.

As my ship appears above what used to be the blue planet, all i could see what decay and foolishness from the past.

I have heard humans used to be a greedy and violent creatures, they had all but wanted more and today as many of them fleed into space, their home planet lies as a ruined legacy.
But that time isn’t part of my duty, i need to go back, way back when they were still roaming those lands.

Time clock activated…


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