The Soldier diary – part 1: The world we know

11 October 2079 – Dirt land

My name is Jean Patrick Blickers, i am 26 and member of the united resistance.

I am not such a great writer but one of my now deceased comrade told me that in the world we are living now, if we have nothing going on beside blood and death, we might as well be dead. I am not sure what the poor bastard meant anyway but who knows.

During our last scouting few days ago, i found that notebook in one of the old house we’ve been through. It’s still well preserved enough so i thought well damnit why not at least leave some sort of legacy.

But first from whomever might read this book in the future, i might have as well give you an idea about what happened during our grand fathers time.

In 2030, some fuckers tired and probably bored from the petty lives they were living, decided that the world has to go through a new age revolution.

Some came for their religions, some claimed their supremacies and others wanted to take control of their borders by cleaning their countries for any trace of foreigners. Civil wars started to break out anywhere and across several places of the world. 

From what my grand father told me when i was a little lad, at first it was just some fights, strikes, the usual garbage then blood started to be spilled and then death. Humans bored since their latest world war started to let their real nature out.

And it wasn’t long before some nuts dropped it… The atomic bombs. They shipped it in several places across the globe and the blasts were so strong than most of humans, animals and vegetation were wiped.

The atmosphere became deadly in most places and some people went below ground living like rats. Haha fuck, that some fucking cliché we got there dammit.

But that wasn’t the end, some rich and greedy bastards started to build a bastion, a land where the soil were good to farm, species which is told gone decades ago still roam the land and more importantly food and water can be found abundantly

They called it the Holy land

And for us all beggars, sicks and non educated piece of shits, they kick us all out like some damn lepers and called everything outside their fortress the Dirt land.

Few weeks ago, some men came in my little town of Wishky, they were called the United Resistance.

 They wanted to recruit men ready to fight in order to take over the Holy land and establish an equal chance for all, they promised us the gold cross, women, wine and foods all days until our bellies beg us to stop. 

And for me they needn’t to say more, i was in. My time had come.

JP diary page 1


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