Negatif XV notes – part 3: The first report

1 November 2079

I have been following the human and its peers for a little while now, following them as an invisible shadow.

 During that laps of time, i have learned so little about them as everyday may be as irrational as the day before.

My scan showed me that humain have such a short lifespan, merely one hundred years for the ones with the best genetics.

How can one lead such a life of destruction in such a short time? How one can bring such a young and desirable planet to it demise without any consideration?

Regarding their technologies at this era, it remains nonexistent same as their level of threat, except among themselves and  for some newborn species still on the first scale in their evolution.

One thing i can not comprehend yet is how their personalities can be so diverses. Some fight for a cause, currencies or power and switch to another goal as the time goes.

Some have the capacity of changing their emotions entirely regarding the situation.

What kind of power is this masters Voldaks? We have no data on that matter in our database. I have heard about races which could show such a potential but i have never been in contact with them.

Meanwhile i have not made great progress on my mission. I will stay alert on my duty and awaits for your orders.

Negatif XV Report 1


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