The Soldier diary – part 2: The United Resistance

24 October 2079 – East Outpost 7 – Dirt Land

Ah since i left Wishky 2 months ago, i never felt so good, i have always loathed that goddamn shithole where nothing happens, one typical day would be daydreaming about the day i would finally fuck off.

The only things which pains me was leaving Ma and Da behind. Ma was crying and begging me to stay, to find a job in a farm beside, get married and be happy. I wouldn’t tell her in a painful way but i wanted something greater, a goal worth fighting for and perhaps a name in history book.

Da only told me to be very careful, to hid from death if i have to, that there’s no shame to it and that my little bro would be saddened to be alone. Ha the old man never knew how to speak his mind but anyway…

The United Resistance was composed of many sections from units 1 to 77 now, each composed of 20 to 30 folks and sometimes more. 

You were assigned to a unit regarding your physical performances or if you have had any experiences on the battlefield before. Mine was unit 66.

And from what our leader the Sergeant Vince Clicketi would say, the closer you were to number 1, the more benefits and rewards you would get and that the folks from units 1 to 13 were absolute cunts but extreme badass.

Huhu looks like they don’t know me yet, I’ll destroy everyone and everything until i get to unit number 1. I’ll punch everyone until i am the boss and conquer the holy land mwahahaha.

On a little side note, unfortunately i wouldn’t be totally free from home…

A rat, one kid from the same village got assigned in the same unit… Joe fucking Morris Aka Joe  Poo.

This guy is too much, despite being only 4 years younger he has always been scared of anything even shitty butterflies and ladybugs. He used to fill his pants with poo when he used to be scared, and he was scared a lot.

His father enrolled him by force saying that he needed to man up like his brothers or don’t come back at all.

Hahaha this little shit will end up dead somewhere i am sure, i just want to avoid him as much as i can for my own ambition.

JP diary page 2


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