The Soldier diary – part 3: What is lurking out there

3 November 2079 – East Outpost 7 – Dirt Land

The Holy Land folks are not the only menace lurking out there…

My grand father told me that when the nuclear war broke out, not so many were able to escape and the very few who weren’t able to go into hiding or the wildlife roaming the land, the radioactivity took it course…

They are called the Difformes , humans once who turned to some sort of creatures. 

When a bunch of scientists folks were sent out there decades ago to check the radioactivity level and find some sort of life, they came across them, festing on one of their not so lucky bud. So yea those cool guys are cannibals too! Haha fuck… Scrawny, fast, man eater and a lot of more shits we don’t know yet, even the top mates from the Holy Land and Units won’t complaint avoiding them.

But from what Sergeant Clicketi said the worst of the worst, some sort of death assured or game over remains the wildlife version: The Xorme.

If you see them don’t run, you’re dead anyway so why not save your breath, if you’re armed being a fucking deadshot, you may have some tiny little chance to kill one or two but mostly regarding what animals became Xorme, you may soon find yourself surrounded by the entire clan so yea you’re doomed too.

Oh duty is calling, the Sergeant is calling us for some important matters, I’ll be back!

JP diary page 3


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