Negatif XV notes – part 4: Casualties

4 November 2079

In the third night of November 2079 – 11:18PM 

The Unit 66 suffered heavy casualties from other humans they came across. 13 out 35 of pronounced dead and 15 sustained minor to heavy injuries. Their chance of winning was 0.7%.

The other group, armored men bearing white roses on the chest followed by  heavy machinery in the form of 2 Walking Tanks, show the under-equipped Unit no mercy.

The sergeant seeing no way out in their demise, instructed the rest of the battalion to fall back leaving the dead behind and disappearing in the mist of the night.

It seems that humans despite their current situation are still fighting for the supremacy of the strong, and those men bearing rose are the strongest and most advanced remnants of a race in the brink of extinction.

So why my mission sent me in a trail of an unknown?

If answers i could obtain, would not it be on the winning side? But then again none can tell what destiny may store for one. So i shall remain vigilant.


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