Negatif XV notes – part 5: Fear

16 November 2079

The humans had used the forest shadow as a hideout for nearly two weeks.

Meanwhile they lost 2 more of their peers, bringing their remaining numbers to 18.  All those days in the woods made their immune systems weak, their mental states low, some screams at night, talking in their nightmare to some forces that i can’t perceive using my own abilities. 

Is this madness? Despair and the call of death lurking on it prey? Those humans are truly fascinating.

Pain and madness did not spare my target neither, he seems to stand it well for now with the other human he share his birthplace but my data is showing me that his demise is near, fear is running through his bones and in less than 3 days, he shall know his fate. 

I must be ready, my mission with this one is almost over and despite it failure, i need to make my report.


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