The Soldier diary – part 4: Steel and Blood

10 November 2079 – Lost Forest – Dirt Land
It been one week since our fight against the Holy knights in the East Outpost 7, and my body and mind still bear the atrocities i saw on that day. I am reliving it again each night like a movie, again, again and again. 

I saw those monsters killing us like flies, our weapons reflecting on their armors, i saw some of my comrades brains and bowels splattered in the air and on our uniforms.

I remember the confusion, the fear on Joe face when we started shooting back once more  in our desperate retaliation, as if we had any chance. In the name of God i have never took a man life before but… Somehow we wanted to live, it was them or us but for that day is was us.

One of the knight’s bullet made a huge hole in a tree i was taking cover behind and a few centimeters close those words wouldn’t be my own anymore.

We lost 13 friends that day, all left behind plus 2 more because they lost way too much blood on the way… And they couldn’t even have a proper burial.

I am scared, i want to go home but i know what happens to deserters or quitters before the end of their contract, Death by bullet or hanging. That’s the part of the contract i didn’t bother to read during my hiring. 

I am tired, Joe and I have been taking care of the injured ones for days now, he’s the only one who share the same feeling than i, so we started to talk more. 

The sergeant sent the news to Unit 40 in order to receive help so now we wait, my anger and pain are too great but one day i swear that I’ll drown those monsters in blood and the last memory they’ll have on this earth will be one of my shadow hidden by a steel bullet.

JP diary page 4


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