The Soldier diary – part 5: Brink of darkness 

18 November 2079 – Lost Forest – Dirt Land

I guess those will be my last words on this journal… I wish i could have wrote more than that but even now, i don’t even have enough strength to held my pen. My hands are shaking, fear and uncertainty i guess.

But for what, is it because am i too young to die, is it because i won’t be able to see Ma, Da and Ilias anymore or because my life until now have been nothing at all.

The missive that the Sergeant sent through one of us didn’t come back yet, perhaps he got killed in the way by the Holy ones… Fuck it, Fuck them. I cursed those bastards with my all soul, i shall see them burn for their sins in hell, may they find rest only through more sufferings.

Why, why i am here? I had a good life, not the one most men desired but i was rich with freedom, love and a future i could have choose, and then the next day nothing, nothing at all.

I am here in those woods, tired, thirsty and very hungry. We ran out of water and food supplies 3 days ago and even with this cursed forest around us, no one is mad enough to taunt death by eating some shits. 

I am so tired, it’s already the twilight but I’ll take a little rest. If i don’t wake up, i want the one that find my possession and this journal to give it to my family at Wishky, just ask for the Blickers Family, people will lead you there. I hope they will still be there.

Ma, Da, Ilias i love you all. I have been foolish not to see that but i have been happy.  I wish i would have remain by your side until the very end but fate have judged otherwise so i will wait for you beside our creator and look over you from the next life.

Jean Patrick Blickers

JP diary page 5


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