The Soldier diary – part 6: The red crows

30 November 2079 – Red Crow camp – Dirt Land

Wow! It’s feel like it’s been a fucking while since the last time i touched this journal. I also can’t believe all the bullshits i was babbling last time about some dying wishes and shit, i should have know better, i am invincible.

I am doing well those days, the memories of that night are still there but as the Sergeant told us, some memories and war are there to stay! Crying over it won’t change anything, we have to live with it.

I find those thinking archaic because that man hands have been bathed in blood most of his life but it help to receive his support.

We received providence which came in a red shape, a crow, the fucking totally awesome Red Crow Unit! Oh – my- Gad!

Their leader, the incredible badass Captain Ragwars Clicketi is the older brother to our dear Sergeant. He used to kick some Holy asses way back in their younger years and i have heard his total kill is not less than 500 Holy, this man is a beeeeast.

The Unit 40, The Red Crow is mostly composed of Soldiers or veterans who fought alongside the captain in the ol’day.

Those guys are straight like hell, they’ll never leave one member behind knowing he’s still alive or so i’ve heard. 

I have been walking around the Crow camp, i was surprised to find out that normal citizens share it with them, tending to their daily life, completely safe and happy.

The breeze was fresh, the smell of farming, cow shits and food mixed in the air. Ah its reminds me home.

I have been trying to help the crows with some little tasks like cleaning and carpentery but they feel like i am forcing myself even though my intention were genuine.

And whatever I’ll just chill today as well with Joe and enjoy the sunny weather we have.

JP diary page 6


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