Negatif XV notes – part 7: Master Kapsin Naë VIII

1 December 2079

I have received new orders from my masters Voldaks since the time i made my report regarding the humans and their ruined and intriguing planet.

Master Kapsin Naë VIII made me the honor to answer some of my missing gaps and gave me the ongoing investigation regarding our mission. I shall in the future report to him.

Master Kapsin Naë knowledge has seen many universes through birth and life, he is very respected among all our masters for his wisdom and wit. He believes that a clever mind could solve about almost everything than the desire for violence.

However he also knew very little about the humans and their world. When their birth planet was on fire, the probability it would bear life was nonexistent to null. But then again he said, the universe was a wave of probability and improbably, from creation to destruction and where the possible and the impossible could be one or many entities. 

Therefore i have been asked to carry on my mission as it has been display on my time clock, to follow my target until it end but also collect new informations about the humans and the planet Earth. 

Everything must be recorded.

Master also said that number L may be on the trail of something, but he stopped replying some 389 years after his first report despite his time clock being active. 

Perhaps his mission is at maturity and demand more attention, his success may be a beginning for us all, we may know what we are facing.

I shall be ready to receive and send reports on my time clock at any time. May time bring us all answers.


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