The Soldier diary – part 7: Dirt and pain

14 December 2079 – Red crow camp – Dirt Land

It’s almost been a month since the time we’ve been shipped in the crow camp. And what i thought as a blessing at the beginning: the lil’ walk, the food, the chat with the locals and girls, mostly girls, were about to come to the end…

That Captain Ragwars is insane! That man put us through hell in the past weeks. All i remember was enjoying some grilled fish with lemon and rice with the lads when he appears suddently with his “Tomorrow you lazy gals will enjoy eating dirt as well”…

Since then we went through some hell of psychological and physical trainings.

He would wake the 8 of us who were still kicking every 3 or 4 am for a “little” walk, he would then make us run like dogs for 3 hours, chained with heavy tires under his thugs’crew supervision. We have been eating rice only for the past 5 days as a punishment for not being to finish 15 kilometers in less than 15 minutes…

But all this would be like kindergarten for what would await us next. To put it briefly: fighting techniques like being punched in the face, balls, stomaches, back everywhere, one of his goon almost succeed in sending Ms Joe Poo in the blind world haha, this guy was literally crying, again. 

We’ve been beat by (massive) sticks to “forge” our bodies and mind, throw in a nearby swamp to keep moskitos companies, i even saw one of them praying so one Difforme would appear so we could enjoy some more. The cold water on our wounds in the early morning, the strangulation at the shooting range if we miss the target, our asses being beat constantly and worst of it trying to do 30 pushups in front of the girls while being bombarded by hard rocks…

I damn tired, i want to escape but my body can’t even follow, my bones and muscles are hurting and i am sure those monsters will enjoy torturing me until death if i get caught.

Even the deadly lost forest was a paradise beside that, ugh i hear noises they’re coming, shit!

JP diary page 7


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