Negatif XV notes – part 8: As times goes 

23 December 2079

Nothing notable has happened since master Kapsin Naë ordered i to pursue my mission and study the humans and their surroundings.

I am still reticent to the fact that my target would lead us to whatever is unknown to me at the present.

In fact he became quite the jester in the past weeks, running around without goals, chased with his peers by the men in red at the order of the beard one.

His body did not have some proper time to recover from the hardships he is went through that he is going at it again.

Days after days, my data shows a slight improvement in his overall aptitudes in matter of strength and mind but nothing surprising for such a weak species, his progression is slow.

For the environment, i saw snow on hostile planets before, usually worlds without life but here the temperature is just adapted for the humans. I begin to wonder by what stroke of luck all those events comes together to assure the lineage of such an ungrateful species.
How could they not know how to preserve such a wonder? But then again my understanding of them remains at this point basic.


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