Soldier diary – part 8 : Christmas

25 December 2079 – Red Crow camp – Dirt Land.

It’s strange as time flew since i have been recruted in the Unit 66. I still remember the day i left Wishky like that was yesterday, since then i went through a rollercoaster of adventure, from our detour to the Outpost 7, our confrontation with the Holy Knights, the loss of our comrades, the escapades in the Lost Forest, the breath of the imminent death and our rescue by the Red Crows.

I still can’t believe that all this happened in less than 2 months. Our trainings with the captain Ragwars seems to bear it fruits little by little, i am not so breathless as i used to be at the beginning and it seems like my strength grew amazingly! Yea that’s Superman for ya baby 😉

Though we still have no chance against the crow goons they are on another level. Apart of Joe who’s still struggling, I became good mates with some remaining members of my unit: Richard Thurton, Ekatenka Zai and Willy Slow. 

Ekatenka is the most experienced of us he’s 34, he was recruted at Gotka a remote land close to one contaminated zone so he had his share of Difformes and Xormes.

Richard and Willy are the youngest now barely 19 and 20, i think the trauma they had against the Holy still shattered their mind. They’re however more closer to Joe than I, good i am not here to change diapers.

We didn’t train for the past 2 days to help with the Christmas celebration, even when times are rough it’s good to know that people can still celebrate their tradition. Even Sergent Vince whom i didn’t see for the past weeks due to his wounds was there. 

As for i, it’ll be the first time that I’ll celebrate Christmas far from home, i wish my family Merry Christmas and it’s time to celebrate with the new one.

JP diary page 8


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