Negatif notes – part 9: Bloody New year

31 December 2079

In the night of 31 December 2079 at 10:32PM, the Red Crow camp has been attacked by the men bearing the white roses. 

It was a surprise attack for the humans who weren’t expecting such an assault. The Holy has they are called, kill the entire majority of the citizen from age 5 to 86 without distinction.

The red crows fought back with the few weapons at their disposal as their stock warehouses has been burned to ash before the attack. 

The rest of the people have been evacuated with the Unit 66 Sergeant and some of his convalescent soldiers.

Meanwhile my target and 4 others members of his unit stayed behind to fight the Holy ones, gaining some times for their fellows to escape. They were ruthless even though fears was still boiling through some of them. The number of bodies and blood were piling up and flowing as the battle went on for a hour and fifteen minutes.

Flames burned partially all the Crow camp and at the end all that was left was the dead and the dying.

The Captain of the Crow, his men and the unit 66 members succeed in bringing down some of the armored men but their disadvantage were obvious and the crows were falling one after another.

And just when their demise were close, the Holy retreated in the dark. Their objectives were obviously to cause as much casualties as possible. 

And as the calm went on among blood, cries and death, a new year start on this world.



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