Soldier diary – part 9: Aftermath

2 January 2080 – Burned Red Crow camp – Dirt Land

Unbelievable, i can’t even find the proper words for what happened to us. 

Those Holy bastards, they must have tracked us since the Lost Forest, waiting quietly in the shadow so we all could gather with the Crows and when our guards were lower, they stumbled upon us like some mad dogs.

Almost everything in the camp has been destroyed, the houses, the armories, the merchant’s stables. They killed everyone in sight women and kids included. 

Anger and sadness went through my mind when we were counting the bodies, some were in such a bad shapes, that we had to bury them straight away. 

The crows lost many members, Captain Ragwars said something like 40 brave men, some were his close friends since the ol days he started his unit. All dead because of the Holy cowardly attack.

We remaining 5 from unit 66 stayed here to lend a hand, the Sergeant being busy with the relocation of the survivor, we had to do anything in our power to show some support to those men who saved from a certain death back there.

That camp once a place of joy and full of life is now a scene of destruction and desolation with the only pleased ones are those scavengers flying above our heads.

JP diary page 9


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