Negatif XV notes – part 10: Like hunter, like prey

15 January 2080

Since the past incident in the camp, the remaining survivors have been on the move.

They have been constantly under attacks from the Holy well decided to finish them off. The constitution of this remaining world seems more complex that it looks.

For what my database tells me, the Holy land is like a dot surrounded by different unwanted settlements well hidden in the wilderness. The men living in the bastion are not afraid for whatever may come from outside, they know their strength and had proved it multiple times in the past.

And now empowered by their thought of invincibility, they decided to go on rampage in order to annihilate the little threat they have heard of: The United Resistance.

In their quest for blood, no humans or living beings outside the wall has been spared, the lucky ones are captured for some gruesome experimentations and no one ever heard of them again.

There were 156 Units less than 3 years ago, half of them has been wiped out by the Holy and now like a quiet hunter they are tracking the rest of the agonizing herd.


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