The Soldier diary – part 10: To arms!

18 January 2080 – The Bogeyman Swamp – Dirt Land

A little time, a little time i have to write. In the past weeks since our first confrontation, the Holys had tracked us down to 2 Outposts and they burned it down after each of our defeat.

We are barely 23 men left, exhausted from all those past battles. Even the flame of vengeance which used to burned in the crows heart start to extinguish.

Richard received a blow in the stomach, it non life threatening but still he can’t fight properly anymore. Joe and Willy eyes speak for themselves, they’re scared and even though i am trying to hid it, i am too.

Ekatenka was the only one able to cope with the stress involved, he has been cheering us up from the beginning but even him can see how tinny the rope we’re walking on is about to break.

There is still hope however, the captain Ragwars took us to a detour, The Bogeyman Swamp. This place is a nature defense full of animals, plants ready to kill.

The Swamp itself will put the Holy who had been playing hid and seek since the beginning in full views, their armours won’t allow them to move as swiftly and we will slaughter them like the shitty animals they are. I can smell blood, theirs, pay back time has arrived.

JP diary page 10


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