Negatif XV notes – part 11: Swamp battle

19 January 2080

Among the fog passing through that forgotten swamp, i saw today one specie battling for the exact reason that brought their demise half a century ago.

One side fought for it survival and to acquire the same resources than their foe, the other to keep what they had and to show their strength and supremacy once and for all.

One side had nothing but hope and good knowledge of the topography, the other had fire power and an unbreakable confidence.

One side had wounded, half dead and weak men, the other quiet and patient hunters, sure of their near victory.

But as the times goes, a crow rose toward the holy sun and spread it wings to cover something near impossible.

At 20:16 PM in the forgotten swamp, lay the dead bodies and carcasses of the so called Holys. They were just like their foe, men who forgot who they were.


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