The Soldier diary – part 11: A new hope

20 January 2080 – The Bogeyman Swamp – Dirt Land

I thought we would die, yesterday i really thought we would die.

When i saw those Holys coming out the woods without fears, well organised and equipped. I had a quick flashback of that night in the Lost Forest. 

Somehow, something was different not the fear, this one was still there, i mean this time i felt like i wasn’t as hopeless like i was there, that i could fight, take my destiny in charge and kick some asses.

Ah and that was great, as a strategy due to our limited numbers, we put 6 men in the trees armed with fragmented grenades, those works well  for those walking tanks, The Goliaths as they are called.

As for the Holys, Captain Ragwars briefed us about their detection radar, that how those fuckers has been able to track us for so long. So to intefer with that issue, we covered ourselves with mud and stay silent in the bushes…

Those minutes seems like an eternity, like frozen statues, we waited. Until they decided to appear, noisy at first but careful still after. It’s looks like they weren’t sure if we were there or not.

Still they approached, with their Goliaths in front like line, 3 exactly, i remembered those machines slaughtering the people at the camp, a tragic scene but today, today  they’re gonna pay the full price.

A big explosion shattered those big monsters, turning them to metallic pieces and that it, that was the signal. We came out angry, under the influence of vengeance and ready to give it all.

And God that was great, after all those sufferings, losses and deaths. I hope our friends and the people from the village we lost can finally finally find peace. Who goes around comes around. Revenge has been served.


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