Negatif XV notes – part 8: As times goes 

23 December 2079

Nothing notable has happened since master Kapsin Naë ordered i to pursue my mission and study the humans and their surroundings.

I am still reticent to the fact that my target would lead us to whatever is unknown to me at the present.

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The Soldier diary – part 7: Dirt and pain

14 December 2079 – Red crow camp – Dirt Land

It’s almost been a month since the time we’ve been shipped in the crow camp. And what i thought as a blessing at the beginning: the lil’ walk, the food, the chat with the locals and girls, mostly girls, were about to come to the end…

That Captain Ragwars is insane! That man put us through hell in the past weeks. All i remember was enjoying some grilled fish with lemon and rice with the lads when he appears suddently with his “Tomorrow you lazy gals will enjoy eating dirt as well”…

Since then we went through some hell of psychological and physical trainings.

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Negatif XV notes – part 7: Master Kapsin Naë VIII

1 December 2079

I have received new orders from my masters Voldaks since the time i made my report regarding the humans and their ruined and intriguing planet.

Master Kapsin Naë VIII made me the honor to answer some of my missing gaps and gave me the ongoing investigation regarding our mission. I shall in the future report to him.

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The Soldier diary – part 6: The red crows

30 November 2079 – Red Crow camp – Dirt Land

Wow! It’s feel like it’s been a fucking while since the last time i touched this journal. I also can’t believe all the bullshits i was babbling last time about some dying wishes and shit, i should have know better, i am invincible.

I am doing well those days, the memories of that night are still there but as the Sergeant told us, some memories and war are there to stay! Crying over it won’t change anything, we have to live with it.

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Negatif XV notes – part 6: Miscalculated events

19 November 2079

I have made a mistake… In the early night of 18 November at 7:14PM, one of the unit 66 member initially sent away after their defeat returned with some men clothed all in red.

The leader, a man bearing a sizeable moustache commanded his soldiers to tend to the needs of the wounded and feed them.

At this rate, all suffice is just few days before they start to regain their strength.

Hmm, it seems their fates were not to be seal in those woods. What an interesting chains of events, i shall see what comes next. 

The Soldier diary – part 5: Brink of darkness 

18 November 2079 – Lost Forest – Dirt Land

I guess those will be my last words on this journal… I wish i could have wrote more than that but even now, i don’t even have enough strength to held my pen. My hands are shaking, fear and uncertainty i guess.

But for what, is it because am i too young to die, is it because i won’t be able to see Ma, Da and Ilias anymore or because my life until now have been nothing at all.

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Negatif XV notes – part 5: Fear

16 November 2079

The humans had used the forest shadow as a hideout for nearly two weeks.

Meanwhile they lost 2 more of their peers, bringing their remaining numbers to 18.  All those days in the woods made their immune systems weak, their mental states low, some screams at night, talking in their nightmare to some forces that i can’t perceive using my own abilities. 

Is this madness? Despair and the call of death lurking on it prey? Those humans are truly fascinating.

Pain and madness did not spare my target neither, he seems to stand it well for now with the other human he share his birthplace but my data is showing me that his demise is near, fear is running through his bones and in less than 3 days, he shall know his fate. 

I must be ready, my mission with this one is almost over and despite it failure, i need to make my report.