The Soldier diary – part 11: A new hope

20 January 2080 – The Bogeyman Swamp – Dirt Land

I thought we would die, yesterday i really thought we would die.

When i saw those Holys coming out the woods without fears, well organised and equipped. I had a quick flashback of that night in the Lost Forest. 

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Negatif XV notes – part 11: Swamp battle

19 January 2080

Among the fog passing through that forgotten swamp, i saw today one specie battling for the exact reason that brought their demise half a century ago.

One side fought for it survival and to acquire the same resources than their foe, the other to keep what they had and to show their strength and supremacy once and for all.

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The Soldier diary – part 10: To arms!

18 January 2080 – The Bogeyman Swamp – Dirt Land

A little time, a little time i have to write. In the past weeks since our first confrontation, the Holys had tracked us down to 2 Outposts and they burned it down after each of our defeat.

We are barely 23 men left, exhausted from all those past battles. Even the flame of vengeance which used to burned in the crows heart start to extinguish.

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Negatif XV notes – part 10: Like hunter, like prey

15 January 2080

Since the past incident in the camp, the remaining survivors have been on the move.

They have been constantly under attacks from the Holy well decided to finish them off. The constitution of this remaining world seems more complex that it looks.

For what my database tells me, the Holy land is like a dot surrounded by different unwanted settlements well hidden in the wilderness. The men living in the bastion are not afraid for whatever may come from outside, they know their strength and had proved it multiple times in the past.

And now empowered by their thought of invincibility, they decided to go on rampage in order to annihilate the little threat they have heard of: The United Resistance.

In their quest for blood, no humans or living beings outside the wall has been spared, the lucky ones are captured for some gruesome experimentations and no one ever heard of them again.

There were 156 Units less than 3 years ago, half of them has been wiped out by the Holy and now like a quiet hunter they are tracking the rest of the agonizing herd.

Soldier diary – part 9: Aftermath

2 January 2080 – Burned Red Crow camp – Dirt Land

Unbelievable, i can’t even find the proper words for what happened to us. 

Those Holy bastards, they must have tracked us since the Lost Forest, waiting quietly in the shadow so we all could gather with the Crows and when our guards were lower, they stumbled upon us like some mad dogs.

Almost everything in the camp has been destroyed, the houses, the armories, the merchant’s stables. They killed everyone in sight women and kids included. 
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Negatif notes – part 9: Bloody New year

31 December 2079

In the night of 31 December 2079 at 10:32PM, the Red Crow camp has been attacked by the men bearing the white roses. 

It was a surprise attack for the humans who weren’t expecting such an assault. The Holy has they are called, kill the entire majority of the citizen from age 5 to 86 without distinction.

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Soldier diary – part 8 : Christmas

25 December 2079 – Red Crow camp – Dirt Land.

It’s strange as time flew since i have been recruted in the Unit 66. I still remember the day i left Wishky like that was yesterday, since then i went through a rollercoaster of adventure, from our detour to the Outpost 7, our confrontation with the Holy Knights, the loss of our comrades, the escapades in the Lost Forest, the breath of the imminent death and our rescue by the Red Crows.

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